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D. Gray Man Rating

Just who are you?

D.Gray-Man Rating - Just Who Are You?
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Rating Community for D. Gray Man

Welcome to rateme_exorcist! This community is made to be a rating community for the anime D. Gray Man.

Read the rules~ We have a "three-strikes and you're out" thing. Posts that are not edited within twelve hours of the first warning will be deleted.

Stay active! We don't want a dead community. Any promotions would be greatly appreciated.

~The Awesome People~

universenyou \ sandwich14 \ xmirage \ kaiamara



1. No flaming!
2. You MUST be a member to post. You are not allowed to post other people’s applications
3. To show that you’ve read the rules, please put ‘Innocence’ or a variation thereof in your post subject.
4. You must vote on at least 3 applications if available. If there are less than five or no applications, please state so. Can't find any Unstamped Applications? Click here! It doesn't matter what application type you're voting on, as long as you vote on THREE OTHER APPLICATIONS.
5. Please use a lj-cut. It's already included in the survey, to make things easier.
6. Please type coherently: NoN3 0f Th15 or this omg plz liek totaly.
7. Your character will be stamped within a 5-7 votes or a week or so.
8. Please tag your application as !unstamped to help others find your application easier!


The Stamps


You may get a re-stamp if you do not feel the vote you received suits you. Wait one week from your stamping to do so.


Type of Innocence
Rival Theme
Who's side are you on?

CURRENT THEME: All past themes are now OPEN! Re-stamping/catch up month. :3


Entry Application:


1. Please bold your answer.
2. Please attempt to explain why you chose that answer.
3. Please attempt to keep your votes to 2 - 3 characters at most


If you wish to affiliate with us, comment here.

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