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24 July 2010 @ 09:03 am
Look! The Black Order is fighting the Noah!  
Name: Heron
Age: 21
Stamped as: Kanda
Applications voted on: =1= // =2= // =3=

Describe your personality again:

Very quiet. People who don't know me well tend to find me intimidating. Dislikes conversation, loud noises, loud talking, having to speak, having to repeat myself, being startled, being touched without warning, and asking for help or favors. Protective. Takes charge when necessary. Doesn't like seeing people hurt. Can be naive. Hates feeling helpless. Sees people as potentially dangerous and gets close to passing out from nervousness when alone in crowds or around strangers.

Good at reading others' moods. Can be overly polite. Takes most things seriously and literally. Easily annoyed. Stubborn. Contrary and has stupidly rebellious urges. Gets unreasonably upset over tiny things. Genuinely doesn't give a shit most of the time. Perfectionistic. Easily bored. Short attention span. Daydreamy. Sometimes childish. Often sleepy.

1. What do you think of:
- the Black Order The Black Order does great things. Many are terrible. Some are, for the lack of a better word, good. There's a sort of dark intrigue about the Black Order, because of how it's hidden in plain sight, how it has secrets even from itself.
- The Earl He's amusing with an undercurrent of terrifying as a fictional character. If he were real, he would... still be amusing with an undercurrent (overcurrent?) of terrifying, but his capabilities and inhuman appearance would make him alien and absolutely fascinating.
- World domination I'd be all for it if it was by someone who'd actually improve the current situation, preferably by peace through unification. Unfortunately it's far more likely that there would be a greedy dictator who'd destroy dissenters, because that's the sort of person attracted to that sort of enforced control.

...Having said that, there are a handful of people I would support closely, but these are ones I know personally and who already have my allegiances through friendship.
- Sadness is a part of life. Everything about the way the world functions, every situation, can be found to be sad in some way if you explore it out, regardless of how fun, positive, good, or morally right it is. Sadness can be a motivator for change when paired with anger. It creates the most beautiful tones in music.
-Self-sacrifice Anything important requires some kind of sacrifice to obtain. Besides, if it's worth self-sacrifice then you're getting some kind of abstract reward back in a sense of purpose or a good feeling.
- Stealing Candy From a Baby Well, babies shouldn't have candy in the first place, so it'd be doing their parents a favor by keeping the kid from choking. :| ...Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't eat it. I'd throw it away or something.
- Giving or Taking There's a place for both. It's not realistically possible to do just one or the other, although that would be easier with taking, yeah. Pretty much any situation involves some kind of exchange, though, even if the gain or loss isn't anything tangible.
- "Hi!" [[Blinks. Fake-smiles after a moment.]] "Hi," [[I guess.]]

2. What's your priority?
Yourself, the general population, the people you care about? The general population, myself, the people I care about.

I'm generally most concerned with quality of life, the capacity to live without unnecessary suffering, and the way people interact on a whole and on personal levels to create pleasant or deeply unpleasant areas and situations among the general population. The watching for degrees of suffering includes all manner of life besides humans. In nature, suffering is a part of existence, but when it is under human control it should not be caused for human profit and then hidden from public view.

As for myself, regardless of what anyone else thinks I'm certain I'm selfish. I won't break rules unless I have a good reason, but that's only because I don't want to be retaliated against and be trapped or too weak to defend myself.

There aren't people I care about strongly on a personal level. If I did, this entire priority list would read: myself, the people I care about, the general population.

Family, Friends, or Career? Career, friends, family.

"Career" isn't a life's work or anything more than a job right now, but it takes precedence over my friends. Besides, it's stuff that someone has to do, and I like it well enough, so why not.

Family is supposed to be something you can believe in and stand by, so in a way my friends are the closest I've had to family. They're the people I'm most comfortable with, the ones I trust most, the ones I enjoy being with. They help me out even when I'm not expecting them to, and worry about me even though I don't really understand why. It's been seeming like they're further and further away from me though, in something like distance or being underwater.

My blood relations are dead last.

Your top priority in life?

Trying to find something interesting, something I really, truly want. To actually live, if you will.

3. What ifs
- Someone in your family just died and you inherit the fortune (it's a LARGE sum of money). What are you going to do with it? How large?... Anyway, if there were enough, I'd use it for transportation and to get an apartment far from here, probably not staying in any one place more than half a year.
- During a test, your friend asks for help in cheating by asking you to show him/her your answers when the teacher isn't looking. What do you do? Like hell. I'm sorry, but if you were my friend you wouldn't ask me to get in trouble over you without a good reason. Because-I-didn't-study doesn't count as one.
An injured animal was lying in your path and there was no one else around? D: Can I help it? I would call someone to take it to a veterinarian if it was domestic. If it was wild there wouldn't be much I could do; I wouldn't be able to take care of it, but I could try finding someone who could. If the injury looked serious, and I mean really very bad, I'd try to form the resolve to kill it, because it just wouldn't survive in the wild and that would be kinder.

4. What are your goals? I don't have any personal goals. Or any achievable ones.

5. Do you eat to live or live to eat? I think it could be either?... I forget to eat pretty often, or feel too sick if I do eat. But I like when food tastes good...
starry ★ alien from vanilla planet: Hatsune Mikuyamachan01 on July 30th, 2010 04:41 pm (UTC)
I'm going with the Black order too. (: There are a few points, which, especially in the Priorities sections, points to the black order.