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21 November 2010 @ 04:46 pm
Look up "womanizer" in the dictionary, Cross's picture is there.  
Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Stamped as: Allen Walker~
Applications voted on: =1= // =2= There is only two unstamped, so...

Describe your personality again: People think I am aloof and hard to talk to, but I am just an introvert. I do open up when I get to know the person. I like to keep be my time to myself, but I don't mind hanging out with my friends and family. I like to listen more than talk, and I am pretty loyal to those who I care about and respect. I can be pretty blunt and serious that some people do not know if I am serious or if I am joking around. Even though I am a serious person when it comes to work, I am usually laughing and smiling (but not in the bubbly personality kind of way). I love to learn new things, but it depends on the degree I am interested in the topic. If I am interested, I will wholeheartedly be committed to it and go beyond what I need to know. However, if I am not interested, I will still learn about it, but I will only put in the minimum amount of effort into learning it. I am responsible, fair, and dependable. I handle stress rather well. I am rather random and weird, but it is all good. :)

If you take martial arts or a type of swordfighting, what style are you trained in? If you don't - what style are you interested in? I would be trained in eskrima and muay thai. If I am unarmed, I can still fight.

Do you wear jewelry? And if so, do you wear them all the time? I do wear jewelry - a necklace and a watch. I wear them most of the time, except for when I go to sleep.
If you were in a battle, where would you likely be? Planning, Fighting, Support? Support, since I will be read the atmosphere to see where I am most needed, like being offensive, strategizing, or aiding a comrade in fighting.

Close-Combat or Long Range? Long range most likely, since I will be supporting most of the time.

Do you prefer using a weapon, or your own body/hands? I prefer using my own body, since I do not want to be disarmed and unable to fight.

Are you more likely to go all out or conserve your energy? I will be more likely to conserve my energy.

How would you react if you see someone bullying your good friend? I would be upset and go defend my friend if I see someone bullying them. I cannot just stand by and just watch my friend be harmed.

Do you like eating? Yes~♥ I love to eat! I love the feeling of being satisfied after a good meal~♥.
Soba or sweets? I like both, but I will have to go with sweets~♥.

Leader or Follower? I am inbetween, since I can lead and follow. I prefer to be the behind-the-scene leader, so I guess like the right-hand man of the leader.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ...As many the woodchuck can chuck away in his lifetime?

Any thoughts or ideas on other stamping themes? I can't think of any... maybe which Earl's hat suits you theme? (Sorry, I really can't think of anything.)

Thank you for voting! :D
Current Mood: curious